The Alioth Foundation will be the operator of the Alioth Group Social Initiatives Development Fund, created thanks to the generosity of the entities forming the Alioth Group. Companies conducting business activities on a daily basis will donate a total of over PLN 100,000 to support social activities in the first year of the Fund’s operation. The call for applications will start on May 1!

Our activities are addressed to legal persons, such as associations and foundations, that seek support in the implementation of social activities (social part), but also to natural persons who, due to unfavorable circumstances, found themselves in a difficult life situation (charity part).

The call for applications for co-financing from the Fund will be continuous. Applying for support will be simple – the formalities will be done online.

The mission of the Alioth Group is to exceed expectations. By creating the Fund, we try to give the society more than we received from it.

Detailed information on the Fund along with the application form and other necessary documents will be published soon.

– Our goal is to support the building of civil society, to develop initiatives to strengthen security and defense, but not only. Thanks to the donations of entities from the Alioth Group, the Fund will be able to help people in difficult life situations, people with disabilities. We want to help you spread your wings. We believe that the measure of development is how society treats its most vulnerable individuals. Our activities are inscribed in the vision of building a socially responsible business – said the President of the Foundation, Maj. Gen. res. Włodzimierz Usarek.