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Domain and goals of the foundation

The goal of the Alioth Foundation is to raise social awareness in the field of security and to support the process of building a strategic culture in Poland. We also act to popularize strategic thought.

We believe that a conscious, well-informed society is better adapted to functioning in the conditions of modern conflicts.

We are committed to building a responsible Polish defense industry.

A well-informed public is better prepared for hybrid conflicts.

Do you know the importance of an effectively constructed supply chain in a modern armed conflict?

Our last publication

Strengthening the airspace of NATO’s eastern flank

We invite you to cooperate


We bet on the young. We are happy to cooperate with science clubs with a convergent profile. A scientific conference? We can take it under our patronage and support its organization.


Our activities are aimed at building a secure Poland of the future. Members of the Alioth Foundation’s team of experts appear in the national media as experts on the air force and defense. We invite you to join us at:


We invite institutions and non-governmental organizations to cooperate in related thematic areas. Together we can do more!


Socially responsible solutions are worth betting on. Join us so that we can expand advocacy activities in the field of the defense industry.

You can support our activities

The activities of the Alioth Foundation focus on increasing public awareness in the field of national security and defence. We create publications, organize events and competitions.

You can help us promote Polish armaments thought, support innovation and technological cooperation by making a donation for statutory purposes via bank transfer.

Our bank account number where donations can be made:

Bank ING
PL07 1050 1025 1000 0090 8185 9218

With the note: „Donation for statutory activity”

Foundation team

Our experts are experienced military officers who, after years of service, decided to engage in work for the benefit of society. Thanks to their knowledge and skills, we can effectively work for the security and defense of the country.