Alioth competition
for the best thesis

Alioth Group’s motto is: “we go beyond expectations.” We take it very seriously – that’s why in 2022 we expanded our business activities to include socially responsible activities. We promote raising public awareness of national security issues.


Alioth Foundation is annually responsible for organizing the Alioth Group’s competition for the best thesis on national security or defense industry. Master’s theses, bachelor’s theses, engineering theses and doctoral theses defended within the last two years may be submitted to the competition. The deadline for submitting theses is November 15 each year. As part of the first edition of the competition, we awarded prizes worth a total of 15,000 PLN! Every year, we also issue the awarded theses in the form of publications.

First edition of the competition (2022/2023)

A total of 37 works submitted by former students and doctoral students of universities such as the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, the Military Academy of Technology, the Academy of Military Arts and many others were admitted to the competition.

The Chairman of the Competition Committee decided to award the following prizes:

  • 1st place (prize of PLN 7,000) – Dr. Aneta Kolodziej for her doctoral thesis entitled Counteracting disinformation in shaping the national security of the Republic of Poland, defended at the Academy of Military Arts in 2022.
  • Second place (award of PLN 5000) – Zuzanna Rybka for her master’s thesis entitled. “Diagnosis and prospects for the development of the Polish defense industry,” defended at the Military University of Technology in 2022.
  • Third place (award of PLN 3,000) – Joanna Łozińska for her master’s thesis entitled. “Unmanned aerial systems in the airport security system” defended at the Air Force Military Academy in Deblin in 2021.

Information on the start of the call for papers in future editions of the competition will appear in the news tab.