Are Polish skies “hollow” and will fighter planes become a thing of the past? General Jacek Pszczoła, vice president of the Alioth Foundation, discussed the future of our military aviation and defense against Russian missiles with journalist Robert Cheda on the program Skala Zagrożenia.

Asked by program host Robert Cheda whether Poland’s air defense system is airtight and whether it works effectively, in the context of the incident with the Russian missile near Bydgoszcz, General Pszczoła replied that our pilots and allies are on guard 24 hours a day to secure this dream of the people of Poland and peace in this part of Europe.

Continuing the topic, the journalist asked if the entire alliance is ready to repel a massive air assault by Russia?
General Pszczoła pointed out: The alliance’s response to what happened in Ukraine, that is, the start of the war, proves that we are ready to repel a possible Russian attack on us, Poland, a member of the North Atlantic Alliance. Believe me, we are ready, to stop the Russian aggressor.

Robert Cheda, stressing that the Alioth Foundation groups together the most distinguished aviation experts and practitioners, asked what are the directions of our aviation development for the coming years? – There are operational programs that have been stalled at some point but they are on the table, and I know that they will be implemented. Such a flagship program for me, which I see the need to implement, is the “Karkonosze” Program. The entire interview is available on the website and below: