At Alioth Group, we go beyond expectations. Therefore, only developing our business activities is not enough. Our experts regularly appear in the media, raising public awareness of security and defence topics.

From 1 September this year until 31 December next year, a pair of F-16 or MIG-29 aircraft with crews of up to 10 soldiers will be used in the military airspace surveillance mission of Slovakia within the framework of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Integrated Air and Missile Defence System (NATINAMDS) from the basing airfields of the Polish Armed Forces. Alioth Group CEO Krystian Zięć talked about the use of our multirole fighter aircrafts in an interview with ‘Super Express’.

As we can read in the text: ‘Fighter planes are tasked with marking their presence, recognising and sometimes deterring a violator. The on-call pair of aircraft carries out airborne operations in situations that require direct intervention, such as country airspace violation. The on-call pair sometimes also carries assistance to communication aircraft in dangerous situations,” reserve colonel Krystian Zięć, former commander of the 32nd Tactical Air Base and an F-16 pilot-instructor, told ‘Super Express’.

The purpose of the mission is to strengthen our ally in the security crisis caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the head of the National Security Office Paweł Soloch conveyed.

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