Alioth Foundation has published “Strengthening the airspace of NATO’s eastern flank,” a translation of a text by Dr. Thomas Durell-Young. As the author writes:

The air forces of Central and Eastern Europe have been or are being modernized with the purchase of fourth-generation multi-role fighters. The experience of these air forces shows that, to varying degrees, communist institutional concepts that were designed for Soviet/Russian fighters remain active in these defense institutions.

Thomas Durell-Young is senior academic advisor to the president of Defense Security Cooperation University in Washington, DC. He managed assistance programs in Central and Eastern Europe at the Naval Postgraduate School for some 25 years. He received his PhD from the Institut Univérsitaire de Hautes Études Internationales, Université de Genève. Col. (Res.) Pilot Krystian Zięć, an Alioth Foundation expert, contributed to the article.

The material is available for download in the “Publications” tab.