Alioth Foundation expert Col. Res. Piotr Gąstał, former GROM unit commander, on December 1 had the opportunity to speak for young people in connection with the #Polskatojestwielkarzecz campaign. This is a series of meetings organized by the Śródmieście District Office with young people from Warsaw schools.

Col. Gąstał told the young councilors about service in special units, missions outside the country’s borders and the values that special forces operators profess, which should also guide young people[1].

There was also a thread about the Cichociemni. As the colonel said: for them the word “Poland” was the most important thing, it was for Poland that they made a parachute jump during World War II, it was here that they fought the German or Soviet occupation, and took an active part in the Warsaw Uprising. For us, for them, Poland is the most important thing, it is their slogan “To you motherland” which they had engraved on their parachute sign is what drives us to action. It is what gives us a sense of mission, that mission most important – to serve the homeland, to serve the Polish people.

For Col. Piotr Gąstał it was a great pleasure to be able to speak to the young people and answer the questions they asked me. To tell the truth about the fact that for Poland you not only have to die, but also for Poland you have to live, for Poland you have to study, for Poland you have to work and also take care of your own well-being, because only this shapes its strength.

Remember, Poland is a great thing. Poland is a really big thing.

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