As editorialist Lukasz Maziejewski writes, the 33rd Transport Aviation Base in Powidz will host unusual guests. Nineteen air tankers will arrive in Poland at intervals. They will support the air forces of the region’s countries that perform their combat tasks. This could be to the benefit of the Polish Air Force as well.

Res. Col. Krystian Zięć, an Alioth Foundation expert, was asked to comment on the matter. At the same time, it is important that the machines are intended to serve the possibility of projecting U.S. Air Force (U.S. Air Force) power not only in Europe. Former F-16 pilot Col. Krystian Zięć tells that the machines are intended for operations not only in Europe, but also in Africa. Given that the situation in Sudan, for example, is still unsettled, the dislocation of tankers to Poland may be a much more important step than it seems.

As Col. Zięć explains, airborne refueling systems are force multipliers (FMs) – their presence increases the capabilities of the air force forces and assets that use them.

In a situation of needing to control Polish airspace, in order to present a defensive position, there may be a need to deploy fighter aviation zones of responsibility on the eastern flank of the country, which is also NATO’s eastern flank, Col. Zięć told o2.

Moving the air tankers closer to the conflict area was only a matter of time. NATO did it for two reasons: first – economic. After taking off from Powidz, the planes will be ready in 10 minutes to perform tasks. And secondly, it will give more freedom to have resources operating from Polish rather than German bases.

The transition from a state of peace to war is smooth and sometimes imperceptible. Poland, as a NATO member, is not a party to the war in Ukraine. But actions, let’s call it deterrence, are being carried out,” the pilot further noted.

He also adds another important explanation. When the political and military situation evolves in such a way that we want to show a potential adversary that we are present, active, in control of the situation, ready for defense and actions of a defensive nature, we seamlessly increase the number of forces and resources in the air duty zones.

And for this, precisely such capabilities as air tankers are useful. In addition, it is also necessary to remember the AWACS early warning aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft or other important systems for supporting air operations. However, it should be noted that the forces and resources dislocated to Poland are to serve operations not only in Europe, but also in Africa.

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