The current year has shown how fragile and unsustainable security is in Europe. For this reason, we have decided to further develop the Alioth Group’s social activities, but in a slightly modified form. So far, experts and employees of the companies operating within the Alioth Group have willingly shared their knowledge and extensive experience in the fields of defense, logistics and national security by giving interviews and contributing to elaborate publications.

The Alioth Group is a Polish capital that understands very well how important it is for the public to be aware of the importance of a developed defense industry. Therefore, the Alioth Foundation’s activities will focus, among other things, on increasing public awareness of national security and defense.

The tragedy of the war in Ukraine makes us look at our own backyard. We will be involved in promoting Polish defense thinking, supporting innovation and technological cooperation. There will also be our voice in the strategic discourse. More information about the Foundation and possible levels of cooperation will appear soon. We already encourage all those who care about a safe and innovative Poland to contact us. Together, let’s create the safe Poland of tomorrow.